19 May 2018

The BANSEA Academy

The BANSEA Academy is a half-day angel investing course for individuals looking to become professional angel investors. The course covers the fundamentals of angel investing Рfrom deal flow to due diligence, post-investing practices to insightful case studies. This event is only for accredited investors.

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The BANSEA Academy provides a comprehensive overview of early-stage investing for angels. Working with incredible VCs and angels with sustained track records, participants will learn to develop all-encompassing strategies to structure and manage investment deals, allowing them to improve and maximize their long-term returns.

Speakers: James Tan (Quest Ventures), Sam Tsui (Evolution Capital)
For: Angel Investors, Family Office Managers
Length: 1/2 Day
Next Class: 19 May 2018

5 Key Pillars

Investment Thesis Creation

Founder Engagement and Post-Investment Value-Add

Due Diligence and Deal Evaluation

Best Practices and Case Studies from Top VCs

Financial Projections and Startup Valuations

BANSEA's education series is one of the best in the region. Every time I participate in one of their sessions, I walk away with fresh insights.

J. LimBANSEA Member


James Tan

James Tan

Chairman, BANSEA; Vice Chairman, Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE); Board Member, Sports Excellence Singapore; Board Member, Applied Innovation Institute; Managing Partner, Quest Ventures

Rex Yeap

Dr Rex Yeap

Vice Chairman, BANSEA; Chairman of Investment Committee, BANSEA ONE; Fund Partner, Invention Capital; Managing Partner, 3001 Capital; Co-founder, MentorsHub; CTO, Crowd Ventures; Investor-Mentor, SiTF (iJAM & ACE Grant); Advisory Board Member, [email protected], Nanyang Technology University; Adjunct Lecturer, Nanyang Technology University; Specialist Adult Educator, Institute of Adult Learning

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Registration and Arrival

Session 1: Welcome, Overview, and Agenda

Session 2: Investment Pedagogy

Session 3: Investing in ICOs: Due Dilligence, Methodology and Case Studies

Session 4: Smart Money

Session 5: Discussion of BANSEA Fund

Happy Hour: Refreshments are Provided

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