Established in 2001, BANSEA is the leading Angel Investment network promoting the development of the Angel Investment community in Southeast Asia

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Application Process

1. Submission to BANSEA

2. Review and Selection by Board

3. Invitation to pitch event and distribution to BANSEA Angels

4. In-depth intelligence and data gathering

5. Decision

Criteria For Selection


Operating Companies

Excludes: Project Financing and Ideation Stage


Seed, Pre-Series A, Series A

Companies with a clear business model, business plan, governance structure and dedicated team


Any Sector

BANSEA members do not look at traditional businesses or real estate


Singapore or Southeast Asia

This includes remote companies with a clear strategy to enter SEA markets

Seeking Capital:

SGD100,000 to SGD1,000,000

For larger amounts, BANSEA could team up with a network of capital sources

If you meet our criteria for investment, please proceed to submit your business plan for evaluation. Our FAQ answers some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive.


Portfolio Companies

Listed below are the portfolio of companies that BANSEA has invested in as an Angel:


About BANSEA Fund 1

BANSEA members participating in the BANSEA ONE Fund pool the risks of investing in early stage companies and share in the rewards of the outcomes.

The establishment of BANSEA's new investment vehicle "BANSEA ONE (B1)" marks the next step in evolution of its value proposition and relevance in Southeast Asia's (SEA) to the angel investing ecosystem.

The move is poised to further develop and foster a vibrant startup ecosystem, leveraging on BANSEA's expertise in building startups. Investors will be granted early access to BANSEA's pipeline of deals and making an active contribution to the ecosystem.



About BANSEA Fund 2

BANSEA has just established its second investment vehicle "BANSEA TWO (B2)", which builds on the success of the BANSEA ONE fund.

BANSEA's B2 Fund has raised more funding than the B1 Fund with the intention of securitizing this capital over a diversified range of startup businesses.

You can access BANSEA's proprietary funds simply by becoming a member of BANSEA.




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