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To ensure a collaborative Angel Investment Network, all current and future BANSEA members are expected to follow the BANSEA Membership Code of Conduct:

  1. Members of BANSEA shall conduct their business in a professional manner and will not engage in practices which would be damaging to the image of the BANSEA.

  2. Members of BANSEA shall promote and maintain ethical standards of conduct and at all times deal fairly and honestly with all parties.

  3. BANSEA will not allow Investors to enter their network if they suspect the monies available for investment to be of questionable origin.

  4. BANSEA meetings and communications are focused on helping entrepreneurs in their journey and helping the members investment pursuits and every member will maintain confidentiality of any material information shared with the members.

  5. BANSEA members will disclose to the group any relationship under their direct control that they have or may have had with a presenting company, including any financial gain they or their affiliates may receive from the company or proposed investment in the company.

  6. BANSEA members will use good judgment, adhere to high ethical standards and avoid situations that create an actual or potential conflict of interest. A 'conflict of interest' arises when a person's loyalties or actions are divided between the interests of a company and those of another, such as a competitor, supplier or customer, or personal business. A conflict of interest can arise when a member takes actions or has interests that may make it difficult for him or her to objectively and effectively support a company seeking funding. A conflict of interest may also arise when an individual, or a member of his or her family, receives an improper personal benefit as a result of his or her position in, or relationship with, a company. The appearance of a conflict of interest alone can adversely affect BANSEA and its relations with companies seeking funding.

  7. A conflict of interest may not always be clear; therefore BANSEA members will consult with a member of the BANSEA board if they have any questions.

  8. If BANSEA members come into possession of confidential or non-public information about a company, they will safeguard the information from the public and not intentionally or inadvertently communicate it to any person (including family members and friends) unless the person has a need to know the information for legitimate business reasons. Members will not disclose confidential or proprietary information obtained as a consequence of their association with BANSEA to third parties without express authorization from BANSEA board and or the entity whose confidential information it is. Member will be discreet with respect to confidential information about potential investments as to which they receive information not available to other members of BANSEA generally and not discuss it in public places.

  9. Members will respect the privacy of other members and not provide their name to any third party without their permission.

  10. Members will promptly notify BANSEA of any change in my contact information or accredited investor status occurring after the date hereof.

  11. If at anytime BANSEA feels that the behaviour/conduct of the member is detrimental to the BANSEA franchise and brand the membership will be revoked by the board.

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